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Optim Healthcare


Optim Healthcare is a Georgia based healthcare provider. They needed an update on their website to reflect who they are an for a better user experience.

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Optim Homepage



  • User Interviews

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Site Architecture

  • Personas

  • User Flows


  • Style Tiles (Illustrator, Photoshop)

  • Wireframes (Sketch)

  • Prototypes (InVision)

  • Comps (Sketch)

  • Mobile First


UX Discovery Process

Before going into anything specific, we took the time for research and discovery for the website. We knew that users were mostly coming to the site and leaving or trying to search something and getting no results.



To have an accurate idea of who to be designing the site for we created five different personas. We used them to create user journey maps, reorganize the sitemap, and influence content recommendations.


Update Site Map

The goal was the reduce the number of pages especially those that were repetitive. There were originally 59 pages and was reduced down to 30. We broke down what the main sections should be and prioritized based off of user paths


Style Tiles

We took Optim’s brand guides and updated their look to create a more modern appearance. At the beginning we create style tiles to let them choose from and created a style guide once a direction was picked.



Creating wireframes was an important part of this process to map out and create a blueprint for these pages.



The current Optim homepage has no call to action. The current links, when hovered over, dropped down and made it difficult to click over. I designed the new Optim homepage to have clear CTA's backed by user data, info about Optim and lastly a news and events section. The banner section provides an area to highlight things such as new equipment, advertising campaign or doctors at Optim.


Optim Search

The current search experience was non existent. The search engine was inefficient and no results would come about except for a few items. The new search offers locations, providers and general search results. 


Provider Page

Optim wanted a provider page that could support many different types of information. Many of the Optim providers created their own websites because the current site did not offer what they currently wanted. The redesigned provider page shows everyone from their general information, insurance, locations, videos, and technology they use.


Other Pages


Coastal Imaging

Coastal Imaging is part of Optim. They needed their own page while still following Optim's website layout, but with their branding colors.