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Chesapeake Regional

Chesapeake Regional


Chesapeake Regional was looking for a website redesign, but first needed their Find A Doctor experience redone. They used a third party FAD host for this experience and the subscription was to run out soon. Their current FAD was an overwhelming and confusing tool for users. They needed something more simple that reflected user needs when searching for a doctor.

fad mock up.jpg



  • User Interviews


  • Style Tiles (Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Wireframes (Sketch)
  • Prototypes (InVision)
  • Comps (Sketch

Style Tiles

Before starting on the wireframes I create two different style tiles for Chesapeake to choose from. The more blue color palette was more focused on giving a sense of trust and professionalism while the warmer one was more friendlier and welcoming. Chesapeake went with the first choice.



FAD and Provider page wireframes


Find A Doctor

Because of the short period of time this project had, the Find A Doctor tool needed to be started right away. Once the style guide was put into place the FAD began.


Provider Page

The provider page needed a change too. Insurance and doctor information is the top information that patients look out to. Providers can have multiple locations, reviews, videos and blogs and this page accommodates for that.