Cena Movie App


Cena is an app meant for dine in movie theaters. The app is designed to select when you want you food at specific times. These times are “dead movie times” so you will not be distracted during important parts.


Your movie magic and meals at your finger tips


Loading, location search and movie list screen. User has ability to search for locations near to them and select which one they want to go to. After selection they are given a list of movies offered at that location.


Once choosing a movie, you are given the movie description and times of showings. When a time is picked, you’re given a menu with drinks, appetizers, entrees, and deserts. Once your food items are picked, you are given a timeline of the movie with preprogramed ideal times. This is to ensure that the viewer’s order will not be interrupting the movie experience.


Once your order is put into the timeline you’re then able to checkout. If the user does not want to program their food time they can skip that option. Once order is completed user can watch where they are in the film and when their food will be out. They can edit their order to a later time at any point